Retail giant automates mundane processes using RPA and brings operational efficiency

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Business Challenge

Customer needed the ability to drive improvements in effectiveness, efficiency and performance across Master Data processes at the Shared Service Operations (SSO). To meet the stringent SLAs, the SSO needed to automate its master data creation process which was mundane and voluminous.


Yashuss Unlimited deployed Process Automation BOTs to optimize the process lead time, handle rule based exceptions, real time and enable the business team to balance the work load to meet the SLAs.


Savings in FTE

Savings in Infrastructure Costs of FTEs

Savings in Payroll Costs

Lead Time Reduction






·  Improved Accuracy

·  Exceptions are handled and showcased with any delay

·  Errors in keying in data into the system is eliminated

·  Key Insights to Management for Strategic Decision Making

·  End to End Audit Trail

Business Challenge Story

Reducing process lead time to adhere to the SLAs

The nature of Client’s Business is very mundane and transactional with a host of repetitive data entry tasks and consume a lot of time of the Client (Approx 20 mins per transaction). Besides, the legacy systems are different for each Country. Thus changing the upstream and standardising the process was a challenge. Simultaneously, managing the current workload given the SLAs & inconsistencies of the legacy systems posed a greater challenge to the customer.

Transformation Story

Optimizing the process lead time and reduction in FTE count

We as Digital Transformation Partners for the Customer created a Centre of Excellence under the Client’s Digital Transformation Program. With our expertise, we designed and implemented a Hybrid RPA Solution consisting of 2 components - RPA & a Be Spoke Portal for workflow management to track & correct exceptions real time. Operational expertise of the Customer coupled with RPA helped to demonstrate a Profitable Business Case.

Yashuss Unlimited team led the requirements gathering process, designed an end to end Hybrid solution. The real challenge was that legacy system was a Java Based system and hence there was no option to use Scripting. Finding a way to solve this challenge, we developed a BOT using image based coding which was quite a task. Nonethless, the methodical approach of identifying all the process exceptions and meticulously handling them at each process step with checks & balances at each toll gate, led to a flawless solution. This was then integrated with the Web Based Portal to flash the exceptions to user and enable them to correct it real time. It also helped maintain the complete audit trail unlike the current processes which involved too many email exchanges. Besides, the portal also gave the flixibility & agility to the user to decide the priority of the files to be processed by the BOT which was a value add in itself to manage the SLAs. The solution captures, automates and governs the business rules processing every single step in the process through the Company’s rule engine.

The Analytics layer on top of it gave a real time visibility to the user of the pending queue, exceptions/red flags making it a comprehensive governance process.

About the Customer

Customer is a Captive Shared Service Support Centre of the Parent Company operating in Cash & Carry Business & a leading International Wholesale Company operating in 35 Countries. The volume is roughly around 400-500 records per month consuming 20 mins / record for a happy path which summed up to around 165 odd hours to process 1 single file of 500 records.